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Advantages of online marketing for businesses: techniques, tools and strategies to maximize their potential and obtain the best performance.

To occupy a relevant place on the Internet and appear in privileged positions in search engines, online marketing strategies, techniques and actions are essential. They help to stand out, attract customers, increase sales and create brand reputation. To attract customers through the online channel and increase turnover, our potential customers have to find us easily.

Companies that do not have a good online presence and are not active, will lose market positions compared to other companies in their sector, will move away from their customers, and will be placed behind their competition.

Online marketing strategies are executed through different channels and tools: websites, online stores, blogs, social networks, search engines, platforms, chats, etc.

Online marketing helps companies to grow, position and spread their brand through the Internet. The use of the Internet to communicate is the majority and, if we do not do it, we will be left behind.

SEO-SEM positioning is the online advertising. SEO is the organic positioning to improve the visibility of the web. SEM is advertising campaigns through paid ads. Email marketing is a communication channel that is incorporated into the digital marketing strategy. It is the sending of emails to a database or contacts, which can be potential customers or prospects. In addition, this communication channel enhances the value of your company or business because it is close and personal. Email marketing makes you or your business present in the daily life of the recipients. Three categories can be described: notoriety, making your business known; image, offering the idea that you are an expert; action, because you sell your products and services. Digital analytics is also a technique that allows you to evaluate, assess and monitor the results of your digital marketing actions (web, app, social networks). The collection of data will allow you to know if your actions are showing the expected results and if your strategy is bearing fruit. Analytics allows you to calculate the return on investment, based on the results obtained. Benefits of digital analytics: improvements in the usability of the web; knowledge of the real benefit of your marketing actions and, therefore, optimization of the investment; you will know your target better; you will improve the purchasing process; you will improve SEO; you will improve the efficiency of marketing actions; you will perceive the interest of users in your brand; you will detect new business opportunities.

Online marketing techniques and strategies are complemented with web development and design, graphic treatment and creativity.

Online marketing helps companies of any size to grow, position and spread their brand through the internet. Most of our customers use the Internet on a daily basis, so we cannot miss the opportunity to reach them.

Internet usage figures in Spain: 29 million Spaniards use social networks every day and spend almost six hours on the Internet. 70% of users have made a purchase on the Internet in the last month.

If we extrapolate this to a global level, the possibilities offered by the Internet and the advantages of online marketing to grow a business are immense. With these figures, it is more than clear that online marketing is essential if we want to attract customers and increase sales.  (Source of statistical data from WeAreSocial’s Digital 2020 Spain report).


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