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The rapid acceleration of business digitisation as a result of the pandemic

Companies continue to reach out to their customers and have increased sales through the online channel

Mobility constraints increase the number of internet users and the time spent online

Large companies and SMEs have had the opportunity to make a quick and effective immersion in the Internet, both as a sales channel and as a communication tool with their customers and their own collaborators.

The interaction between consumers and companies has changed radically since the Internet has gained prominence.

Relevant data on the impact of the Internet on people: 68% of the Spanish population connects to the Internet on a daily basis. The global average time spent by users on the internet per day is 6 hours and 54 minutes. In 2020, ecommerce grew more than 20% in Spain. The pandemic boosts the use of social networks by 27% more than a year ago. More than 37 million people in Spain use social and professional networks (80% of the population), and most of them connect from their cell phones.

As quoted by the newspaper Expansion “digital economy”, after the first year of the pandemic, the behaviors of digital users are very clear. All platforms have increased their penetration, time of use and user base: 29 million Spaniards use social networks daily and spend almost six hours on the Internet. In Spain, almost 90% of Internet users use WhatsApp daily, making it the most used social network in our country, followed by YouTube (89.3%), Facebook (79.2%) and Instagram (69%). On the other hand, 57% of users have made video calls in the last year, 53% have used or scanned QR codes and 34% have watched TV content from their cell phone in the last month.

As for e-commerce, 79% of Spaniards say they have made an online purchase in the last month, and 42% have done so from a cell phone. Regarding the categories of purchase, food and personal care are the ones that have increased the most in reference to the previous year, followed by digital music and furniture and accessories. Spending on travel and accommodation has been reduced by 52% compared to the previous year.

If we extrapolate all this data worldwide, the possibilities offered by the Internet and the advantages of online marketing to grow a business are enormous. These figures confirm that online marketing is essential if we want to attract customers and increase sales.


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