web/mkt maintenance

We propose a monthly fee to take care of the maintenance of your website so that it is always up to date and at full performance. We also carry out continuous commercial marketing actions. Dedicate your time to your work to get the maximum profitability, we take care of the rest!

We will update your website plugins. We will perform backups. We will install protections. If a technical problem occurs, we will contact your hosting provider to solve it.

We will incorporate the contents that you indicate us.

We will create new content to enrich the page and generate interest. We will incorporate or eliminate images, texts, videos, presentations, catalogs, etc.

We will create and set up banners and ads for eventual communications that you need to spread.

We will implement the contents of the blog or the news section.

We will send notifications through a segmented e-mailing to all your contacts to “remind” them that your website has new information that may be of interest to them.  

We will make sure that the keywords that identify you or reflect what you want to sell or communicate are appropriate and well implemented.

We will keep dding new words so that your website is always up to date.

We will evaluate, through Google Analytics, which is the flow of visits to the page and its quality.

Monthly fee for web maintenance/mkt

Our web and seo maintenance service has several levels, depending on the type of actions that customers require. The monthly cost of web maintenance is not an expense, it is an investment. The benefits of having an updated and optimized website are indisputable.


If you need more information, please contact us