corporate platforms

We cluster all the marketing and we make it available to everyone on the mobile, iPad, laptop… A compact team, with all the commercial and technical information.
A nexus of corporate and commercial union that generates a sense of belonging internally and projects an image of power and unity from the outside.

This marketing tool we propose is a platform for an internal use and restricted access. The users have to identify themselves to be able to accede, for this reason the administrator of the platform will know which is the last time the users have entered the platform, which users enter more often…
The members that are part of the platform interact making comments and suggestions, indicate the satisfaction of the clients in an event or course, propose solutions for internal functioning issues, etc.



A different experience. It is intense work but with a playful point that makes it easier to fight to achieve the objectives

Marc Díaz

Una experiencia diferente. Es trabajo intenso pero con un punto lúdico que hace más fácil luchar para lograr objetivos.

Marc Díaz

What a huge surprise: teammates are also playmates!

Sofía Rodríguez