break a domicilio

Build loyalty among your collaborators and clients. Send them a break to their home.


The digitalization of companies and business routines is already a reality, but human relationships are at risk of becoming unnatural. Physical proximity between people is what promotes empathy, togetherness and success.

Qu24’s Empakit aims to achieve a number of objectives:

  • The compactness of a work team or customer loyalty.
  • The establishment of an atmosphere of optimism and continuity.
  • The stimulation of professional activity and the humanization of relationships between people.
  • To show security, future and ambition.
  • To compensate the lack of physical contact with a greater emotional contact.
  • Motivating all collaborators and clients to continue their professional activity in a more active and fruitful way.
  • Establishing a bond of proximity between the CEO and his collaborators or between supplier and customer.
  • Achieving a more “intimate” and sincere relationship.
  • Encourage the company to value the work of the CEO to squeeze the marketing tools that allow the natural transition to digitization.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY POSSIBILITY AT YOUR REACH: Social Media | Blog-News | Web | Online marketing | E-mail marketing | Combined services strategy | E-commerce | Design & creativity | Professional presentations | Motion Graphics

At QU24-VIRALIK we accompany you to standardize your commercial and marketing activity. We have experience in the creation and management of online and offline marketing tools. We put all our professional experience and our knowledge at your disposal so that you can work as usual or better than ever and in tune with all your customers. We are your on/off partner.

Surprise your customers, collaborators and friends and show your sensitivity.

Uses different and complementary marketing tools

Get closer, in a more human way, to your collaborators, friends and contacts.

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